Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bad Weather Days

We had two days off from school and work! I was really having cabin fever and I was kind of bummed about being off again Wednesday. This means that we have to give up both of our bad weather days in the Spring. Tuesday, I did not get out of my pajamas until about 9 pm-- when I took a shower and put on clean pajamas. Brynn had a friend (Maddie) over and they enjoyed playing outside. It was so cold! I had to bring out the hand and feet warmers.Maddie and Brynn have been friends since they were 4 years old. They used to fight so bad after playing together for about 30 minutes, but as they have gotten older--that has stopped. They had so much fun with each other on Tuesday!
This is their experiment. They put a glass of water outside to see if it would freeze. It only took about 30 minutes for it to freeze, and they were so excited when they went to check it. They wanted me to take a picture of it!!
This is them pretending they are ice skating down the driveway. I did not get a picture of it, but Maddie took a tumble at the bottom of the driveway and once they realized she was not hurt--they busted out laughing!

Their other major project was pushing that shovel around the street and down the driveway to fill this blue tub. They took turns shoveling and filling the tub. Once it was pretty full--Brynn got in it and wanted me to pull her. I don't think so!!

Wednesday was another lazy day. Michael, Brynn, Chance, and me all stayed in our pajamas! Michael worked from home and we just watched TV and laid around. I think Michael did more updating on FaceBook then actually working! I guess it is back to the real world Thursday. BUMMER!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Last night we got to meet Allison and Brooke Gonzales! My best friend (Jill) gave birth to two beautiful baby girls on Tuesday, January 20th. Mom, Brynn, and myself drove to Plano last night to meet the girls and check on Jill. They were so perfect! Allison is dark headed and looks just like her Dad (Junior) and big sister (Claire). Brooke is blond headed and looks just like Jill.

Jill has had a rough couple days since the delivery but really seemed to being doing better last night when we were there. I am so happy for the Gonzales family--now a family of 5!
Brynn and Allison

Brynn and Brooke

Jill and I have been friends since 3rd grade. Brynn is 3rd grade this year and I hope and pray that Brynn will find a friendship like Jill and I have. Our lives are so busy and we don't get to see each other as often as I would like, but we have one of those friendships that is eternal. No matter where life may take us, I know I can always count on Jill for a shoulder to cry on, a cheerful voice to pick me up when I need it, a partner in crime (more times than anyone will ever know), and someone I can trust with my deepest-darkest secrets. Jill--you are a wonderful Mother and I cannot wait to watch all your girls grow into amazing women--just like their Mom. I love you and please know that I will always cherish our friendship. Congratulations Gonzales Family!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stephen & Tasha's Wedding

Saturday, January 17th, was Stephen and Tasha's wedding. It was beautiful and we are so happy for them. You could just see the love and happiness oozing from them (reminds me of Michael and I) and they were very eager to start their life together. At the reception, you could pay $1.00 and dance with either the Bride or Groom. Brynn and Mallary wanted to dance with each of them.
Mark wanted to dance with Tasha. He really wanted us to get the microphone for him all night because he wanted to sing to them , but they would not let him have it.
I just have to post these pictures of Brynn. I took them at the reception, and they really capture the real her! She sees a camera--she starts posing!!

Love is in the air!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Children

I find myself posting about Brynn all the time and not the boys. They are such good kids and I am so lucky to have them all. When Michael and I married, the boys were 15 (Chance) and 6 (Corbin). I kept thinking I was too young to have a child in High School, but Chance is such a great young man--he made the transition so easy. I just tried to be me myself--and hopefully they love me for who I am. I know I don't tell them enough--but I love them so much. Even though I did not give birth to them, I feel like they are mine. I am honored to have the boys call me the their "Step-Mother".

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hobby House Hill

I spent the weekend in Scrapbook Heaven! I went to place in Bowie, TX (of all places) to a scrapbook retreat for the weekend. I only knew two of the fifteen women I would be spending the weekend with, so I was a little uneasy but very excited about the weekend. I was unsure of what to expect, and I was very nervous about sharing a room with so many strangers. The house was beautiful and the food was incredible. I arrived on Friday about 10:30 am and unpacked all the goodies I had taken to work with. We scrap booked in a house by the pool and it was a room with 15 tables, a kitchenette, 2 televisions, and a bathroom. Once everyone settled in, it was time to get started. I ended up working until about midnight and then headed home to Henrietta because I was having a baby shower at my house on Saturday. I did not get back to Bowie until about 1:30 on Saturday and worked until about 1:00 am. Sunday, we got up and went right back to work. There was a lady there that gives massages, so I had a 30 minute back massage on Friday night and a 30 minute foot massage on Saturday. There was always a good old movie playing or Misti was entertaining us by singing "I Like Big Butts"--and she knew every single word. I was working on Brynn's scrapbook and I ended up getting 24 pages finished. I am now ready to start on 2nd grade. Only a year behind--not too bad, right? I had a blast and cannot wait to go again.

I just have to throw this in here because Brynn is such a DIVA! This morning she was trying to decide what to wear to school (always a big deal at our house), and this is what she came out wearing.

I think she is expecting TEEN Magazine to show up at Henrietta Elementary School for a photo shoot today. Can anyone picture Kelley Gill going to school in 3rd grade dressed up like this?......... I didn't think so!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Break

I know. I know. I was off for two weeks and had so much time on my hands and did not blog once. I kept thinking about doing it--but then just never got off the couch and did it. Our Christmas Break started with Brynn's Christmas party at school. They just had snacks this year with no gift exchange. I was kind of sad about that, but it did not seem to bother the kids at all.
Brynn, Teagan, Addie, and Ashlyn
Brynn and her teacher--Mrs. Davis.
Brynn enjoying the snacks.
We pretty much just hung out at the house or at NaNa's house until Christmas Eve. We had Michael's family over to our house on Christmas Eve, and I was in the bed so sick. Michael kept coming in to check on me and I just kept saying "I'm so sorry". We had Mexican food and every time I would smell it--I would get sick. He did manage to snap a few pictures. This is his Uncle Mark. He is 47 (I think) and has Downs Syndrome. He had a gift for everyone, but to get your gift--you had to sit on his lap like Santa Claus
We woke up Christmas morning and I felt better but I was still a little weak. It was a sad Christmas morning because we did not have a kids this year. I can't really write about it without crying--so I won't. Brynn came back about 1:30 and the boys got home about 4:00. We opened Santa presents at out house and then headed to Nana and PaPa's to open stockings and other gifts.
Yes--Brynn got more Bratz for Christmas and she was real excited about it!!
Along with all Chance's hunting stuff, he got an Air Hog. Even at 18--he still likes to get toys too!Corbin got Under Armor Shoes. He is usually not excited about getting anything but toys, but he had wanted the shoes for about 3 months.

After Christmas, we wanted to take the kids to the Wichita Mountains. Michael's Dad and his Grandmother are both buried in Oklahoma close to Manitou, so Michael wanted to go by the cemetery on the way. We had been there once before, and it is in the middle of no where!! Both times we have gone, we have talked about where we wanted to be buried and I just want to make it very clear to everyone--DO NOT LET HIM BURY ME THERE! I told him no one would ever come to visit us, because they could never find us. Both times we have gone, Michael has gotten lost. I told him that if he could not find his own people, how could we expect anyone else to find us! I took this picture of Corbin kneeling down reading the tombstone and Michael standing behind him. Chance was only 3 when D.A. passed away, so he never even got to meet Corbin.

Once we finished our visit at the cemetery, we made our way to the mountains. The kids loved the groundhogs (they fed them part of a taquito from Whataburger), they climbed on the rocks at Mt. Scott, saw Longhorns and Buffalo, and then finished the day by eating a Meers burger and peach cobbler.
Brynn and Maxine stopping to strike a pose!
Michael and Corbin. Michael was a nervous wreck with the kids climbing all over those rocks.

We did have a lot of fun that day, and the kids cannot wait to go back. They did not think we gave them enough time to climb the rocks.

I enjoyed my two weeks off and definitely did not look forward to returning to work today!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Positive Referral

When my cell phone rang this afternoon and I saw it was the school calling me, I automatically assumed Brynn had gone to the office because she did not feel good. She has a tendency to do that! When I heard Mrs. Parrish (the school counselor) on the other end of the line, I really started to panic. I kept thinking, "Oh My Gosh--What has she done?" Mrs. Parrish told me that Brynn had a positive referral to the office and she wanted to share that with me. She said that Brynn was in the office and she was going to read the referral to me and then Brynn was going to get to choose a prize. Mrs. Atkins had sent the referral to the office that praised Brynn for always being such a great student. She said that Brynn really cares about always doing her best and is always willing to help others that are having trouble understanding. She also said that Brynn makes her class better! Brynn got on the phone and I told her how proud I was of her and that it made me so happy to know Mrs. Atkins thought so highly of her. I could hear it in her voice--she was very proud too!! She called me after school and told me that she had chosen to play a game with Mrs. Parrish as her prize. She wanted to read the referral to me again. It put another smile on my face! I know I don't tell her enough, but she is AMAZING. I guess I should not always assume the worst when I see the school is calling! Even though the picture is from this summer--I still love to see her all dolled up.